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Chickens can cross the road
Chickens can cross the road

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Making Transparent Sprays For CS:S.
·  What you will need to make transparent sprays
Photo Shop.(photoshop cs2 used in tutorial) yup that's it!
·  Part 1: Setting up CS

Open CS File new and choose your image size, I use 500px x 500px,
Where it says "Background Content:" Choose "Transparent" (this will make the background transparent for you in PS)

with your blank canvas either past your image in to it or start from scratch
I will start from scratch.
·  Part 2: Spray Making

il make this simple and just use some text, so with the text tool I rite "How to make Transparent Sprays" on the canvas.
Change the properties of the text to your liking,

now I will and some zigzag lines to this with the paint brush.
so in the layers tab go "Layer>>new>>layer" or press Ctrl+Shirf+N

click ok and draw your zigzag,
notice that your zigzag is over the text, to sort this drag your text layer above your zigzag layer in the layer panel.


·  Part 3: Alpha Channel (transparency)

now you are happy with your spray

you have to merge your layers, so in the layers tab go "layers>>merge visible" or press Ctrl+Shift+E
NOTE: Before you merge layers I suggest saving as .psd just incase you want to later edit something.

and your layers will be one layer.
Next you have to select your layers content. so if you hold down "Ctrl and left click" the mini image on your layer
you will select its contents.

Note: the dotted lines around the image in the layer.

to make it transparent we will be adding a alpha channel,
so on the layers panel choose "channels"

note there are 4 channels selected in here.(RGB,Red,Green,Blue) leave these alone.
with your layer selected hit the "save selection as channel" button ant the bottom of the panel.

now a new channel will appear called "alpha 1"

now click in the empty box so an eye appears your background will go red(this is normal).

NOTE: if you notice in the alpha 1's mini image it is black and white, black = the transparent and white = the non transparent.

Next choose layers tab next to channels to bring up your one layer.
now choose Select>>Deselect

so your layer is no longer selected.
·  Part 4: Ready To Save?

now go "File>>Save as"
and from the dropdown choose Tagra or .Tga For short.


give it a name and remember No spaces use _ or -
Then hit save.

a new box will appear choose 32 bits and press ok.

your done.
(NOTE: now you know how to make transparent sprays you can make an animated one using up to 5 transparent images giving you a animated transparent Spray!)

·  Part 5: Getting you Spray in to CS:S

now  load up CS:S and go Options and hit "Import Spray"

Find your spray, and click OK
Your Spray will appear in the preview box.

now hit ok and Happy Spraying.

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